Here are a few guidelines to help bridge the gap between digital design and physical print.

Native Art Files:

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • PDF document (.pdf)
  • Encapsulated Post Script (.eps)

Artwork should be built in the CMYK color mode.
Bleed should extend at least 1/16″ past the edge of the die line.
Text should be a minimum of 4pt, reversed text should be minimum of 6 pt.
Text should be made solid black or a spot color.
Keep text at least a 1/4″ away from the die line.
All fonts should be included with artwork or outlined into shapes.
All links that have not been embedded should be included when sending art file
Avoid gradients for spot colors that fade down to 0% – keep a minimum of 5%
Dot line screen 120-150
Process line screen 150
Minimum trap 0.007
Minimum UPC 80%
Bar width reduction 0.003
Name the artwork file appropriately. See example below: